Invitations set the tone for any celebration. From simple birthday party postcards to elaborate wedding stationary, you can count on Lotus to help you to communicate just the right message to set the expectations of your guests. Let us help you to design a professional looking invitation, whatever your event or budget.


Introducing the new 2009 collection of plantable invitations. Each invitation is printed on 100% post-consumer waste, seeded-embedded plantable paper that grows wildflowers when the invitation is planted.


The event that you are about to put an enormous amount of time and effort into planning is going to signify the dawning of a new era in your life. No longer will you be “him” and “her”, but “us”. The wedding helps to establish this new personality and the very first opportunity you have to communicate to the world just who this “us” entity is will be the invitations that announce to the world your impending event.

Weddings are steeped in tradition and stationery manufacturers have capitalized on this by providing a very formal, stylized template for the traditional bride. But following tradition doesn’t mean that your wedding invitations have to be just like everyone else’s. Break free from the cookie cutter stationery options and communicate to your guests what they can expect from what just might be the event of the year.


In today’s busy society, many brides and grooms are not taking any chances on missing the significant people in their most important event of their new life together. It has become customary to send out a simple piece, as soon as the date is set and before the invitations go out, informing guests the date of the wedding so that they can schedule the time well in advance. This can be as uncomplicated as a postcard or as innovative as a refrigerator magnet. Incorporating a fun picture of the bride and groom assures that it will find its way to someplace visible and serve as a reminder to your guests.


In addition to the traditional wording of a formal invitation, many couples choose to inform their guests of the reception information, directions to either or both locations, registry information, and accommodations for overnight guests. Traditionally, additional information has been included on inserts inside a card style invitation, but with bindery options, a truly unique piece can incorporate all of the information in a convenient format.


Planning for a wedding is made so much easier when you know how many are attending. Encourage your guests to reply to the invitation by including a postage paid postcard for replying or a formal card/envelope combination.


Tradition dictates that each of your invitations be hand caligraphed. As the guest list grows larger, this just adds to the stress of planning a wedding. A more personal script font can be used to address your invitations from a database, allowing your mailing to be presorted for a discounted postage rate, yet still affording a more personalized appearance.


Maintain the theme of all of your stationery by designing your thank you cards at the same time as your invitations. Stationary needs for your wedding need not be the same as everyone else’s. You are limited only by your imagination and your ability to express your personality. Set the tone for your new future and incorporate your theme into every aspect of your wedding by investigating all of your options when designing and purchasing your stationary, favors, and souvenirs from your wedding day.


Because of Lotus’ unique resources, you can create something unique to help your guests to remember your event for a lifetime. Your party favors are limited only by your imagination.

In the past, we have provided several of the following ideas. Customize them to fit your own personality or use them as a springboard for your own ideas. Dive right in!


Incorporating the theme of your wedding or party, you can design a sticker to customize an everyday item into a fabulous party favor. Homemade jelly can become a beautiful tribute to a family member who inspired your homemaking skills. Bottles of wine become keepsake items with a personalized label long after the spirit has been imbibed.


Design your own playing cards to honor the competitive spirit in the guests of honor. Lotus Moments can design, print, and package a customized deck for your wedding, graduation, or any other event that will remind your guests of the fun long after the last bet has been made.


Use a whimsical picture of the wedding couple to celebrate your “attraction” to each other. Commemorate any event with a picture of the guest of honor.


The soundtrack of our lives is a very powerful reminder of time spent together. Music is a gift that a person will enjoy for years to come. Assemble your favorite songs from your wedding and reception or songs that are significant to the guest of honor and design a beautiful label and case to give as a favor to your guests.


For celebrations that commemorate the life of an individual, such as retirement or graduation parties, consider making small brag books as a favor for your celebration. Family AND friends will appreciate being given an opportunity to share the good news in a very visual way.


Lotus Moments brings resources to everyone that were previously only available to professional photographers. Assemble your pictures from any event into a professionally bound book or other collectable item.


Many different materials, colors, and styles are available in a professionally manufactured photo album. Purchase your professional package of photography and then create the book that you want to commemorate your event, printing directly onto the page. Or choose a style that allows you to mount your own pictures. Lotus Moments will give you free rein to design the book that you want.


Traditional book binding is available in smaller quantities to create a book to rival any publishing house’s offerings. Become the topic of the next hard cover, full color, exclusively published book. Have one created for parents and aunts and uncles as well.


Inexpensive and convenient to carry in a purse or pocket, brag books are the perfect way to share with others about your event. Whether you are collecting baby pictures, wedding pictures, or just pictures of the party of the century, Lotus Moments can create a reasonably priced professional quality book for you to give as gifts or carry for yourself.


Create a magnet to give as gifts to friends and relatives. Everyone wants to put new babies, fresh faced brides, or just family pictures in areas that are seen by everyone. Make it easy on friends and family to display your favorite pictures.